How to Make your Own Note Pads

Notepads are actually a very simple craft that make excellent gifts. They are the perfect project for the beginning book maker. The materials are simple and you probably have them around your house RIGHT NOW.

Flamingo Notepad.jpg


1 stiff paint brush

A ream of copy paper


Paper cutter or exacto knife

A cereal box or some light cardstock


Cutting Mat

Washi Tape

Two large books and binder clips

PVA or Elmer’s Glue

Step One: Design your Pages

Turtle Pad.jpg

You can personalize your pages or buy templates if you aren’t a designer.

Step Two: Print your pages

I was able to fit two notepad pages on one page. I printed 15 pages for my final book of 25 pages. I make a few pages extra in case I need to remove the top page in the later steps. This is not necessary, but I think it looks a bit cleaner.

Step Three: Cut your pages.

flamingo notepad setup.jpg

You can use a desktop paper cutter, a Silhouette cutter, or a ruler and a craft knife to cut the pages. I find that the craft knife is actually fastest, but the desktop paper cutter is higher precision.

You simply stack the pages and clamp the opposite end together.

Then press your ruler down and run the craft knife along the edge with several light strokes until you feel the cutting mat (you can tell by feel)

You may find you need to trim the pages to get a perfect fit. Tap the stack of paper on its side to line up the pages and trim the edges as needed.

Also, trim your piece of cereal box or card stock to fit the stack and add to the bottom of the stack.

Step Four: Clamp the Stack


Once the pages are lined up clamp them in place with either binder clips or if you don’t have those, you can just place the stack between two heavy books with the top edge sticking out.

Step Five: Glue the edge


Squeeze out a bit of glue and with the stiff paintbrush apply a thick layer of glue along the edge of the stack. You may want to add an additional clamp on the end after you’ve added the glue to ensure the pages get stuck together.

Let this dry.

You may want to do this step twice, depending on your glue, paper, etc.

Step Six: Apply Washi Tape


Remove the top clamp and cut a piece of washi tape to fit the width of the notepad. Stick it over the glue layer and trim the edges.


There it is, you are all done! There is something really zen and peaceful about assembling these notebooks. A perfect craft for a rainy day afternoon, mother’s day, or for your coworkers.

Pig Double Layer.jpg

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making your own, I have some of mine up in my shop ^_^