"We asked for a relatively fast turnaround and appreciate the quick response with the graphics and options."

-Bonnie Wells, 2017


"I have been meaning to write a note to say how great Cheli was. She was smart, competent, took initiative and was gracious about my last minute edits."



"was great to work with and I appreciate the expertise of Cheli Scott."

- Dean Fruk, 2016


"...during this process Cheli was very patient and developed various versions from what she heard that I needed. The final image is super and I am looking forward to putting it in my book. I was so thrilled with Cheli that I have asked her to do another set of images for me for another publication."

-Dr. Helen Crompton, 2014


"...it was such a pleasure working with Cheli on this project. She was so patient and attentive."

-Mia Menifee, 2014


"I came to Cheli with a short-turnaround, low-stakes project, and she came through well before our deadline with not only a badass mascot...We had the audience entranced.  Our professor told us afterward that it was one of the best presentations he'd ever seen on this assignment, mostly due to the personality and professionalism Cheli's design gave us."

-Elizabeth Gordon, 2013